Live Streaming


Live Streaming

Before going live, you'll need to set up a webinar. Once you select Start this Webinar, you are live! The countdown is incorrect.

You'll need to use your phone to edit your post on Facebook since Zoom doesn't allow editing the post text. Type it out ahead of time in Notes on your computer (but syncs to your phone), then copy/paste on your phone. You can start with a countdown clock or welcome graphic while you're updating this text.

UPDATE: It is now possible to go live in a Facebook group!  You must be the owner of the group.

Be sure to let guests know that they will be shown live if they join the Zoom webinar. Some may be surprised they're being broadcast to your entire Facebook audience!

You can monitor the chat happening on Facebook using your phone while you're your computer is recording the webinar. Use this stand to hold your phone at eye and camera level so you're not continually looking down.

You can find the Zoom Help Center link discussing Streaming Live to Facebook here:


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