Final Tips


Final Tips

Use Zoom to record course content. Share your screen while presenting slides, and your face will be up in the corner.

Be sure to use Active Speaker view when hosting a webinar or on Facebook live. If you are interviewing a guest, you may want to be side-by-side rather than Active Speaker.

Note that there is a 5-7 second delay.

A person cannot see any chat that occurs before they joined the meeting. If you share important information via chat, be aware that late-comers may need it reposted.

Use the Waiting Room feature to prevent people crashing your meetings if on the same call number. They'll see that you're in another meeting and not be able to join until you're ready.

Students can't see the results of poll until you publish them. It is not automatically shown once the poll ends.

Use the attention tracker to clue you in to when you should actively engage with students, e.g. a poll or question for them to answer, or put them in breakout rooms. This will help keep everyone focused and prevent them from drifting away from either a webinar or meeting.

The attention tracker only shows when you are sharing a screen. The attendee needs to be using the up-to-date desktop Zoom app; they can't be on mobile. If they are not in the Zoom window for more than 30 seconds, a small clock will appear next to their name in the Manage Participants window.


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Zoom updates frequently! If anything above is out of date, or if you find a dead link, please let us know by emailing so that we can make the needed changes. Thank you for helping keep this valuable for future students!