Virtual Background


Virtual Background

Select the up arrow next to Start Video and click Choose a virtual background. Choose your image to be the background. To select the color of your background you wish to change, click the small rectangle at the bottom, then click on the background color in the preview window.

Any image file type is fine. Any size is fine. The key is the aspect ratio. Zoom scales the image to fit the smallest dimension, then expands everything from there. So a tall image of a tree is scaled to fit the width, chopping off the top and bottom. A wide panorama is stretched to fit the top and bottom, but cuts off the sides.

If you'd like to have a newscaster-style corner image, you'll have to produce an image with the aspect ratio of your camera with the graphic you wish to show making up a small portion of it in the location of the green screen on camera.

If there's text in your background image, make sure you uncheck "Enable mirror effect for my video." in Video Settings.

You can find the Zoom Help Center link discussing the Virtual Background feature here:


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