Audio Syncing


AUdio Syncing

You can adjust the audio offset in OBS to fix any syncing issues between your audio and video. This won't show up in the preview window, but only after watching back a recorded clip.

To adjust the offset, click the gear icon next to Mixer in the main OBS window. This is right above the Mic/Aux bar in the middle. Change the Sync Offset (ms) value to something around 750. This is in milliseconds; 1000ms is 1 second.

Close the window, and start a recording. Talk for a bit then clap a few times. Watch the video back to check the syncing. Keep testing and adjusting the offset until all looks good.

Keep in mind that this offset depends on how heavy a load your computer is under at the time of recording or streaming. This means, if you test while exporting a video (heavy load), but record after it's finished, your offset may need to be adjusted to account for the new conditions.


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