The features discussed are for the $10/mo calendar membership to Acuity Scheduling.

Note that Acuity emails are sometimes sent to spam folders. It may be worth sending a follow-up email outside of Acuity with meeting details.

You can automatically add scheduled meeting attendees to your mailing list, but you'll need to have them confirm they are aware they are being added. You can also track visitors using a Facebook pixel. These are both done in Acuity's Integration page under Business Settings.

For Zoom integration, each scheduled appointment can automatically generate a Zoom meeting ID for the meeting to take place.

Acuity also communicates with Google Calendar to ensure events scheduled outside of Acuity block the calendar during that time.

The email that gets sent when scheduling a meeting in Acuity should be updated to include the meeting location, which is the Zoom meeting ID.

And finally, you can custom brand your scheduling page with a logo, font, and accent colors for buttons.


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