You needed to create your course, 
like yesterday.

I get that. 

But you also want to do it right.

No half-assing. 

This is your content. This is your tribe.

You can't wing it. 

that said, you don't have the time.

You're booked solid as far as you can see....
SO, when exactly are you supposed to create the dang thing? 


time is money, after all.


OR, maybe you have a course and want to make it better...


Office Hour with Lindsay

Can 75 minutes change your life? Spent with the right person, absolutely

An office hour with Lindsay can be spent in a variety of ways such as:

  • Mapping out your next course

  • Coming up with a marketing plan to sell your course

  • Picking my brain --- student experience, content, marketing, current trends, and any other Q’s you have- ask away!

  • Structure and jam out a draft of a workshop

  • Basic funnel planning/brainstorming

  • Jamming about all things academia

Your investment? $497



Improve Your Course

You have a course and you want to

A. Make sure it’s the best it can be so you can
B. Charge more for it 

It’s time for a Tune-Up! 

You: Send over your course

We: Go through your entire course, create a detailed outline, and our team of academic experts (yes, there are REAL teachers on the internet!) will give detailed feedback to IMPROVE your course. 

You: Implement our feedback, feel insanely confident about your curriculum, raise your prices, and serve the world at a higher level. 

Book your Tune-Up now! 



Are you an an academic?

Welcome to the club!

Academics Mean Business (AMB) is more than a podcast or a community, it’s a movement. 

AMB is for academics who are thinking outside of the institution. We have big ideas, deep passion, and a lifelong desire to TEACH. 

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