There are so many people out there that need help organizing their thoughts to produce a kick-ass course or product, and Lindsay’s helped me with that after just one session on the phone.

I was able to brain dump all of my thoughts onto paper and when I got it back I thought, "OMG, everything is organized!" It would not have looked like that, at all, had I tried to outline it myself. It actually felt like a surprise to me that I had the outline for a legit program that could be incredibly successful, since it never felt like more than jumbled thoughts to me.

I also love that Lindsay’s had me decide a launch date, which gives me a feasible timeline in which to get everything done, and keeps me to it!

Molly poppas

Personal Trainer + Health Business Coach

Lindsay’s got such a bright and loving personality where I feel like she genuinely wants to help people. This is paramount for me when wanting to work with someone. And she has that in spades :) I definitely got way more clarity on our call. And she gave me some great tips on pricing and different offers and bonuses I could make. Loved it! She is a rock star!

Alicia Ying

Dream Fulfillment Coach


Lindsay is such a lifesaver! I had all of these ideas & knowledge to share but no clue how to package them into a course. I literally sent her all of my rough notes and she created an outline for me that made sense!


Creative Marketing Strategist + Social Media Influencer


I knew from our first conversation, that she’s got it! She's a gift to those that want to create a course on their own. She rocks!!!

Polly Rossi, MP-HC, CMM

Meeting Achievement