So You Want to Create an E-Course? Here are 5 FAQs to Get You Started

It hits you. You have that idea for a course that can change the world. This is it! This is what’s going to catapult you into the realm of greatness!

But every time you’re about to take that first step, something holds you back: a creepy thought that your course isn’t good enough. It’s kind of like the tiny devil hanging out on your shoulder whispering in your ear that it just won’t work.

You start doubting your capabilities, and before you know it, you start shelving the idea and giving in to your doubts.

Wanna know something comforting?

You aren’t the first to feel like this. And you won’t be the last. But you can be the one that separates from the pack and turns your dreams into a reality. 

What you may not know is that the journey of shaping your brilliant ideas into an e-course isn’t just fun, but also profitable.

After all, the e-learning industry is ever expanding, with a projected revenue of approximately $31 billion by the end of 2020.

That said, what better time to create an e-course than now? To get you kick started with your learning-expedition, here are five common questions related to designing e-courses.

Let’s get started!

1. My E-Course Already Exists? Is This Good Or Bad?

Actually, it’s GREAT! Your idea has been validated and this is something that people are willing to cough up some dough for.  (This is victory #1!)  So let me ask you this:

Do you think Target said they couldn't open up a store because Wal-Mart was already open? Absolutely not! I definitely wasn’t the only one out there teaching Sociology. I wasn’t even the only one at my school teaching Sociology!

But people chose to learn the subject from me. I put my personality and passion into the subject, and people were drawn to that. The same goes for you. When you inject your brand and flavor into the material, people are drawn to that.  

2. I Don’t Have An Idea For An E-Course. What Do I Do?

Look around for problems! Problems may vary from someone looking for easy ways to earn money online, to tips on handling pets, or how to use an app.

Courses can be as simple as you want them to be, (eg. “How to take and edit selfies like a pro”) or as complex as you want them to be (eg. “How to ensure ROI on your stocks”).  

The fun part about courses is that these solutions can be unique and creative, setting you apart from the competition.   

3. But I’m Not An Expert. Or Am I...?

No one is, including me (yes, even with a PhD!). Life is a classroom and we are always constantly learning. The trick is being (as Russell Brunson puts it): one chapter ahead. Have you ever considered that people may not want to learn from the expert at the top? Think about it.

Maybe I do want to be a millionaire but I should learn how to make my first $100,000 first, right? Students might be too intimidated to open up and express their concerns with an “expert,” versus learning from someone who is slightly ahead of them.

They can open up and be vulnerable to that person, sorting out issues that they may have kept hidden out of fear or intimidation. Teaching is a series of steps. If you are helping students get to the next step, then are you not successful?  Don’t put yourself down. People want to learn from you.

4. Why Would They Buy My E-Course When They Can Find the Same Information For Free?

You certainly can’t rule out the possibility of finding ANY information online these days. But you also can’t rule out the fact that finding the RIGHT information requires research and time - the most precious commodity you have.

Like I said before, people want your brand and your spin on the subject. They may have heard this same information somewhere else, but your solutions and perspective might be more appealing to them.

Think about a few quotes that you have heard in your life that you drown out. But one person may say that same quote with passion and conviction, giving it an entirely different meaning.

5. Content Creation. Marketing. And, Tech Stuff. Oh, How Do I Manage Everything On My Own?

You don’t have to!  If it’s not your passion, hire it out!  Taking on all of these tasks when you don’t have the time or skills to do each one will end up making you resent your course before it’s even out there!  

If you want premium support and a team to take the stress out of your course creation process, reach out to us! The world needs to hear your ideas and solutions! Don’t keep us hanging in suspense anymore!

You’re Almost There!

Believe it or not, the number one reason holding you back from creating your dream course (or for that matter anything) is YOU. I’ve seen many gifted people procrastinate their e-course launch simply because they lacked that smidgen of skill or experience.

And that’s not you right?

So push that launch button and teach your tribe with content that matters! Hit me up for help here. To learn about all things teaching + learning online, click this link.