As humans, we are all inherently students and teachers.  

We walk around this planet teaching our friends and family lessons just by being us. Children teach their parents how to love, parents teach their children how to live. The cycle of teaching and learning is constant. 

We go to school, we learn math and history. We head to college where we dive deeper into whatever we want to know. 

Meanwhile, our personal lives teach us how to deal with difficult people, how to heal our hearts when they break, and how to create lives that we love. 

Then, we have to figure out the making-money piece of life. Traditionally we were taught that the way to make money is to "get a job" but as recent history shows us, there are other ways. There's room to think outside the box. And in 2018, with the power of social media and the internet, you can monetize pretty much anything. 

If you're here, on this page on one of approximately a bajillion websites out there, you have something to teach, and the world is your classroom. 

I always wanted to teach. I loved hearing myself talk, being in charge, and sharing knowledge. I also valued freedom, stability, and as weird as this may sound, prestige. 

Being a professor gave me all of those things. I learned a TON about sociology and human behavior during my studies and loved being in the classroom sharing it and feeling like I had a respectable, distinguished career. I also loved NOT working a 9-5, having summers off, and being part of the University culture… until I didn't. 

I've always felt like a misfit in the land of Academia. I coached my students, I questioned the institution, I looked into radical types of pedagogy. 

As I continued changing the lives of my students, I also started changing my own. I leaned further into the world of personal development, I played with different ways of making extra money on the side, and I started to see what was happening in my classroom as what was happening in the world. 

As I grew into the teacher I am, I outgrew academia and landed in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Over here, I found a world where you can teach more students, create more impact, and be compensated in alignment with the value you're providing. I also found a world of business owners who are trying to teach but need support to actually do so effectively. 

And now, I help the teachers of the world step into the land of entrepreneurship, and help entrepreneurs learn the skills to teach their clients and students at a whole new level. 

In true Lindsay fashion, I still don't perfectly fit in. But what I have done is honed my craft, learned how to monetize it, and changed the lives of thousands of people by teaching them what I know. 

And now, I'm here to help you do the same.

Hey, I'm Lindsay Padilla, President of Course Power, Host of the Academics Mean Business Podcast and Community, and human bridge between academia and entrepreneurship.

You don't need the validation of being at a University or another degree hanging on your wall to make you feel like you are worthy enough to teach. You just need to be an expert and take the leap to create a business (aka your new distinguished career), and step into your role of not just teacher in the classroom, but as a teacher and leader in the world.

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