Are you still sitting on that Brain dump
you made months ago?

You have ideas in that gorgeous notebook with the gold foil quote that reads, 
"She believed she could, so she did." 
There are a few notes on your phone.
Even more in Evernote.

What if I could push you to finally crank out that course?

I promise, you haven't missed the "course train" yet. So no worries there.

But I get it. There's still a lot to worry about...

Maybe you've got a recurring dream {heck, nightmare} 
that involves you + school + no clothes?

{Mine involved being enrolled in a class that I didn't know I signed up for!}

I'M NO DREAM Interpreter,

Let me help you end those nightmares + get you unstuck!

If we get this done {like TODAY!}, that means more time for taking your dog to the park, writing those newsletters, or finally launching that podcast.

It also means reaching more people!

You're out to change the world, right?

Okay, good...cuz that whole social change thing is my jam!


Hey there, trailblazer.

I’m Lindsay Padilla, and I’m here to serve you {and other rebelpreneurs like you} who want to create e-courses and group programs that make an impact on the world.

You don’t take that ish lightly. And neither do I. 

As a sociology professor and owner of a few too many degrees, my experience teaching adult learners online spans six years. REAL adults. REAL learners. REAL missteps. I’d be honored to pass on what I've learned and help you teach your content so your students get REAL results.

Better results = more cash = bigger impact! 

Are you ready to build the course of your dreams so your students can totally ROCK it?

Saweeeet! I'm the right prof for the job!

Here's the thing. I don't help my clients make just another course. NOPE! I turn you into an educator! Your students will LOVE you, fawn over you, and sing your praises all over the interwebs.

Want to know why?

Because you deliver.

They will be motivated, inspired, and ready to take action!


Lindsay has the knowledge, experience and genius superpower to turn your course/ideas into something that my people not only want, but that will help them get better results. My business is driven by delivering results, so anytime there is an opportunity to do that better, I am all for it! She had 3 super unique and mind-blowing ideas for my program that will make the results even bigger and better for my clients.

Before working with Lindsay, I was struggling with making my membership site DIFFERENT from everything else out there, giving people what they need to get results without overwhelming them, and how to make the experience more customized without giving more and more of my own time.


Business Strategist & Podcast Host