You needed to create your course, 
like yesterday.

I get that. 

But you also want to do it right.

No half-assing. 

This is your content. This is your tribe.

You can't wing it. 

that said, you don't have the time.

You're booked solid as far as you can see....
SO, when exactly are you supposed to create the dang thing? 


time is money, after all.


OR, maybe you have a course and want to make it better...


If you have a course:


  • Get a Course Tune-Up from our Course Power team!

    • Get our eyes on your course.

    • With our feedback, you have the confidence to double the value of your course.
      • Because it'll be that awesome!
        • Really.

If you DON't have a course


Course Road Map

  • Get on the phone with Lindsay!
    • Develop your course structure.

    • Work out marketing plan for how to position your course in front of your audience.

    • Gain the confidence to teach your content right.

    • Learn my tips for increasing student success!



Zero to Course

  • Four-month Zero to Course done-with-you package

    • Month 1: Beta course content and launch plan worked out.

    • Month 2: You teach your beta (at a high price point!). We capture student feedback with our email and survey templates, and Teaching Assistant methods.

    • Month 3: We deliver your polished course outline incorporating beta content and student feedback.

    • Month 4: Final polished course created with our course platform implementation.

    • Done. Sold. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.



If you're an academic

Academics Mean Business

Check out the Academics Mean Business podcast AND join the listeners and guests in our amazing Facebook group!

Academics Mean Business podcast

Academics Mean Business community

AND, the listeners have spoken. We have a special membership community with guest lecturers, focused support, and much more beyond the podcast group. Doors open at select times throughout the year. To snag your spot for the next opening click below!