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I want you to sound your best! Follow the tips below to ensure we capture a great recording of your beautiful voice.

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Use a good mic

If you don't have one, mine is the ATR 2100. It's about $65 on Amazon, sounds great, and is super simple to use (just plug via USB).

Other popular microphones are the Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball.

Another option is to get a headphone/mic combo, which takes care of the next tip below. I recommend the LifeChat LX-3000 headset, which is less than $25 on Amazon.

Use headphones

Otherwise I get a terrible echo from your mic picking up my voice in the recording. Listen below for an example.

Update Google Chrome

Copy and paste chrome://settings/help into Chrome to see if a Chrome update is available.

Update Chrome

Our recording software (Zencastr) requires the most up-to-date Chrome. If Chrome's not the newest version, we might loose the audio to popping noise.

Set your Microphone Level

Go to your computer's sound settings and set your input level to about 50% of full volume. The video below shows how to do this on a Mac.

Speak into your microphone

This sounds obvious, but many don't do this correctly.

The distance between your mouth and mic should be the size of your fist.

If you have a Blue Yeti mic, speak into the side with the mute button. Don't point the tip of the mic toward you.

For the ATR mic I use, it's the other way around; speak into it like you're singing karaoke. :)


To sound really good, use a few accessories below. These are what I use with the ATR 2100 mic.

  • Boom arm ($13) to keep the mic close to your mouth.
  • Windscreen ($4) to prevent big pops of air when saying "P" and "T" sounds.
  • Shockmount ($15) to keep desk thuds and keyboard typing out of the mic.
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