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AMB 011 Valerie Reed

Valerie Reed has consulted for both new and established business owners in the areas of beauty/cosmetics, wholesaling, identifying ideal clients, marketing, health and wellness industry, fitness, education, fashion and real estate. Valerie is the founder of Valana Minerals, an all. natural and vegan cosmetics company that founded over ten years ago. Mrs. Reed has since expanded Valana Minerals to include Unapologetic Rejuvenation Hawaii Retreats and Safer Cosmetic Consumer Education. Mrs. Reed's experience also involves twenty years teaching-administration and mentoring in the areas of culture, society, professional and personal development. The support, guidance and consulting solutions provided are enhanced by certifications as a master business coach, business coach, life coach, Neuro-linguistic practitioner, and online education,  in addition to multiple degrees in sociology and fashion-design and merchandising. Valerie continues to create her 'ideal life' and helps others do the same. She splits her time between California and Hawaii and in her spare time enjoys creating pottery and real estate prospecting. Supporting clients to identify the strategies that will help their lives and businesses soar and build a strong foundation as a springboard for a strong future are Valerie's primary goals.


AMB 010 Jessica Wayman

Jessica Wayman is a Marketing Mentor + Strategist to high achieving and creative women entrepreneurs who are looking to speak their ideal client's language and make a difference with their work. She has helped large and small companies gain clarity in their messaging, present their ideas in creative ways, and reach their ideal clients using well crafted funnel strategies. Jessica infuses her years of education and experience in psychology, business & marketing, and education when working with her clients to offer an enriching experience of transformation. She understands the value of creating freedom in your business, as she is a mother to a very busy little boy.





AMB 009 Nadine Crespo

Nadine helps female entrepreneurs that need to find their voice and hone their skills so that they deliver exceptional results to their clients and set themselves apart as industry leaders. By using proven methods she helps clients to transform from playing it safe to arriving and standing in their power that makes them both unique and highly sought out. She specializes in tailoring plans that work for clients that transcend both their personal and professional life; no one deserves to be put in a one size fit all plan!


AMB 008 Lizette Ojeda

Dr. Lizette helps women step up with confidence in their zone of genius, create an in-demand brand, and attract clients using proven psychology strategies. She leverages her experiences as a tenured psychology professor, nationally recognized behavioral scientist, licensed psychologist, and consultant to help women build a booming business that lets them live their life their way.



AMB 007 Kate Browne

Dr. Kate Browne is a writer, speaker, and self-care advocate, and shares her research on diet culture history, inclusive fitness, and transformational visibility through her online project Taking Up Space. Her work has been featured at Fit Is a Feminist Issue, Mommyish, US News and Refinery29, and she is the author of numerous academic publications on body-based autobiography. Kate also uses her PhD in rhetoric for good as the founder and CEO of Before and More, a brand strategy agency for change-makers.





AMB 006 Catherine Mazak

Cathy Mazak helps academic women write and publish more so that they can have the career (and life) they want. A full-time professor and mom of three, Cathy teaches the focus, time management, and mindset skills that academic women need to write and publish more, guilt-free.






AMB 005 Ines Ruiz

Today my guest is Ines Ruiz, a former Cambridge University Lecturer, military spouse turned entrepreneur. She has an online educational business that went from 0 to over 350K in 20 months. And now she helps other women create an online business that fits their lives- no matter their circumstances.




AMB 004 Lindsey Nelson and Laurabeth Rapaz

Support their project! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8105496/the-master-teachers-collective

As an educator, Lindsey is committed to giving students amazing and authentic experiences in math, science, and engineering that leverage their curiosity. All of Lindsey's lessons are based around real-world projects. Lindsey's classes challenge students to take a closer look at a retractable pen, investigate bus stops near grocery stores and libraries, and tap into their own power as engineers.

Laurabeth is an educator and a native New Yorker. She is currently a professor of Applied Theatre at Touro College and she runs her own coaching business for actors in New York City called "The Work NYC" (www.theworknyc.com). Laurabeth earned her BA from Brown University in 2006 in Theatre Arts and a Masters Degree in Applied Theatre from the City University of New York in 2012.



AMB 003 Ariane Machin

Dr. Ariane Machin is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist, Co-Founder of the Conscious Coaching Collective, and Creative Director of Hello Totes (totes to uplift and inspire). At the CCC, she has an ICF-accredited Life Coaching Program where students can enroll in self-study options or the ‘live’ course, which takes once per year starting in January. The CCC also offers other programming, such as The Food Shift (aimed toward eliminating the pattern of emotional eating) and Media Training (for those coaches that want to get out in the media!). Dr. Machin offers a hybrid business/life coaching mentorship program, where she works with female entrepreneurs in building their business and working on their self-growth and creative strategy that contributes to an authentic online presence and clear purpose. She can be found in many online and print magazines, local media outlets, and academic publications, and has her first book coming out this winter (2018). Dr. Machín resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband, three young children, and dog ‘Peanut’. When she is not teaching, writing, cooking, cleaning, talking, hanging with her husband, exercising, or running after her kids, she is enjoying a 5-minute cup of coffee in peace!




AMB 002 Erika Couto

Erika Couto is a queer speaker, writer, TV producer, and millennial expert. She helps millennial women who are unhappy in their business discover what they're really meant to do and finally create a wildly profitable brand that leads with its message and she helps brands better understand social media and marketing to millennial consumers. Erika has appeared in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Health Magazine, Business News Daily, CBC Radio, Montreal Gazette, and more! Prior to going full-time in her business in 2015, she was a PhD student, but discovered that she could help more people and have a bigger impact if she left the academy. When she's not working, she's probably reading or watching RuPaul's Drag Race in prep for her inevitable appearance as a guest judge. You can find out more about Erika's work at http://erikacouto.com.




Ted Talk on Algorithms: We're Building a Dystopia Just to Make People Click on Ads

AMB 001 Lindsay Padilla

This episode sets the stage for the podcast. Typically, Lindsay will be interviewing her guests, but for this first episode she is interviewed by her husband to provide the back story of how this all got started.



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Dr. Lindsay Padilla explores the academic and business lives of her guests, and how these two identities shape one another. Each episode traces the story behind their choices, the challenges they faced, and the mindset it takes to start a business (whether on the side or to leave academia for good). If you've ever felt bound by the walls of your institution, then you'll want to listen to these inspiring stories of your fellow academic misfits who are using their knowledge to build profitable businesses.